Take A Tour of Air Drake, Drizzy’s $185 Million Private Boeing Jet Designed By Virgil Abloh

Embark on an exclusive tour of “Air Drake,” the $185 million private Boeing jet that signifies not just luxury travel but a flying testament to Drake’s unparalleled success in the music industry. This awe-inspiring aircraft, meticulously designed by the late Virgil Abloh, represents the pinnacle of personalized aviation, blending functionality with the highest standards of aesthetic design. Here’s a closer look at what makes Air Drake a marvel of modern aviation and a floating symbol of cultural significance.

A Tribute to Luxury and Personalization

From the moment you step aboard Air Drake, it’s clear that this is no ordinary private jet. The exterior, adorned with custom artwork by Virgil Abloh, immediately sets a tone of exclusivity and artistic flair. Abloh’s design pays homage to Drake’s achievements and personal style, making the aircraft a mobile piece of art that reflects the rapper’s status as a global icon.

Interior Design: A Reflection of Drake’s Lifestyle

The interior of Air Drake is a masterpiece of luxury and comfort, designed to cater to Drake’s lifestyle and the needs of his entourage. The cabin is configured to accommodate up to 30 guests, ensuring that space and comfort are never compromised. High-quality materials, bespoke furnishings, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems create an environment that’s both inviting and reflective of Drake’s personal taste.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Air Drake is equipped with an array of amenities that set it apart from other private jets. The aircraft features a full-service bar, multiple lounge areas, and a private bedroom suite, complete with a king-sized bed and en-suite bathroom. Additionally, the jet boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio, allowing Drake to lay down tracks while cruising at 40,000 feet.

The Virgil Abloh Touch

The collaboration with Virgil Abloh on the design of Air Drake is a testament to the jet’s significance as a cultural artifact. Abloh’s visionary approach to design is evident in every detail, from the custom livery to the interior’s unique blend of luxury and creativity. This partnership between Drake and Abloh bridges the worlds of music, fashion, and design, creating a flying icon that’s as much a statement piece as it is a mode of transportation.

A Symbol of Success

More than just a means of travel, Air Drake symbolizes the heights of success that Drake has achieved in his career. The jet is a physical manifestation of his journey from a Canadian rapper to a global superstar, serving as a reminder of the rewards of hard work, talent, and ambition.


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