Big Homiie G Teams Up With Rob49 For Video Single “Back From That”

Big Homiie G has just unveiled his latest single, “Back From That,” featuring the dynamic talents of Rob49, courtesy of N Less Entertainment/Connect Music. This track emerges as the third release from his eagerly anticipated project, “$elf Made $elf Paid,” following the success of singles like “Blowing Money Fast” and “On A Jet.” Big Homiie G, hailing from Memphis, and Rob49, the New Orleans sensation, blend their distinctive styles to create a song that’s both a declaration of resilience and a showcase of their ascent in the rap game.

In “Back From That,” Big Homiie G lays down a narrative of unwavering principles and street credibility, brushing off adversaries with a cool, unfazed demeanor. His lyrics cut through the noise, questioning the authenticity of those around him and asserting his own truth with lines that challenge the integrity of his detractors. Rob49 joins the fray, amplifying the track’s energy with his high-octane drill style and co-signing Big Homiie G’s message, adding a layer of robust collaboration to the single.

The synergy between Big Homiie G and Rob49 is palpable, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the table. The result is a compelling mix of hard-hitting beats and lyrics that boast of their achievements and solidify their standing in the music scene. “Back From That” not only adds to Big Homiie G’s growing repertoire of hits but also sets the stage for his upcoming album, “$elf Made $elf Paid.”

“$elf Made $elf Paid” is set to be Big Homiie G’s third album, following the deluxe version of “Speak Up G,” which featured notable names like BIG30 and KCarbon. “Speak Up G” itself was a significant release, with collaborations from EST Gee, Finesse2Tymes, and Real Boston Richey, marking a period of prolific output for the N Less Entertainment signee. Big Homiie G has maintained his momentum with a series of engaging singles including “No Adlibs,” “No Hook,” and “Us” in collaboration with YTB FATT, demonstrating his versatility and growth as an artist.

“Back From That” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Big Homiie G’s journey in the music industry, from his roots in Memphis to his rise as a force to be reckoned with. Together with Rob49, they’ve crafted a track that resonates with authenticity, energy, and the spirit of collaboration, promising fans an album filled with even more captivating stories and memorable beats.


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