DJ BAD THA PROBLEM Receives Plaque for 1 Million Streams on Audiomack

After over a decade of relentless dedication, Certified HITz Music Group’s standout, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM, has hit a significant milestone in the music industry. Since joining Audiomack on December 27, 2013, a platform pivotal to BAD’s career, the journey has culminated in a remarkable achievement on September 24, 2021—amassing over one million streams.

This milestone, marked by a shining plaque, signifies more than just numerical success. It represents over ten years of DJ BAD THA PROBLEM’s unwavering commitment to the craft—mixing tapes, designing artwork, and promoting tirelessly. Throughout this journey, BAD has been supported by notable figures like Johnathan, also known as GD, and a dedicated team that propelled the mixtapes to new heights.

DJ BAD THA PROBLEM expresses deep gratitude towards Johnathan and his team, DJ Kelo for his guidance, and the Team Titan DJ’s family for their constant support. The journey has also been enriched by collaborations with DJ Pop Dukez, 24k Mixtapes, Jinx Promotions, and the artistic touch of Mef Designs. A special thanks is extended to the artists who shared their talents and the loyal listeners who have supported his music.

Audiomack, Ginger of Jewel Box Platinum, and their teams have been acknowledged for honoring this achievement with a beautiful plaque. With seven more plaques anticipated, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM looks forward to a future brimming with further success.

In his closing remarks, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM extends gratitude to everyone who has played a part in this journey, stating, “If I forgot anybody, I’m sorry, but just know I appreciate every single one of y’all.” This expression of thanks underscores the humility and appreciation that has characterized his path to success.


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