Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice Selects 10 Essential Makeout Records

Marisa Dabice, the charismatic frontwoman of the critically acclaimed punk band Mannequin Pussy, recently shared her top picks for the ultimate makeout records. From the soulful croons of SZA to the introspective melodies of Radiohead, and the nostalgic tunes of the Garden State OST, Dabice’s selection offers a unique blend of music guaranteed to set the mood for any intimate moment. Her eclectic taste reflects not only her diverse musical influences but also her understanding of the power of music to evoke emotion and connection.

1. SZA – Ctrl: Kicking off the list is SZA’s debut album, “Ctrl.” Dabice describes it as “the perfect combination of vulnerability, sensuality, and raw emotion,” making it ideal for those moments of close intimacy.

2. Radiohead – In Rainbows: No makeout playlist would be complete without Radiohead’s “In Rainbows,” according to Dabice. Its ethereal soundscapes and Thom Yorke’s haunting vocals create a deeply atmospheric backdrop for romance.

3. The Garden State OST: Dabice points to the “Garden State” soundtrack for its eclectic mix of indie tracks that are both reflective and evocative. She notes, “It’s like a time capsule of tender moments.”

4. Al Green – Greatest Hits: The soulful grooves of Al Green’s “Greatest Hits” are a must-have for Dabice. “His voice is pure magic,” she says, “capable of turning any setting into a scene of romance.”

5. Beach House – Bloom: For a dreamier vibe, Dabice recommends Beach House’s “Bloom.” The album’s lush, reverb-laden sound provides a “dreamlike quality that’s perfect for getting lost in each other’s eyes.”

6. The XX – XX: The minimalistic beats and intimate vocals of The XX’s debut album make it a favorite for Dabice. “It’s all about the space between the notes,” she explains, “where the tension and passion lie.”

7. Frank Ocean – Blonde: “Blonde” by Frank Ocean is praised for its introspective lyricism and smooth, soulful production. Dabice admires Ocean’s ability to “capture the complexities of love and longing.”

8. Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See: Mazzy Star’s “So Tonight That I Might See” is heralded for its ethereal ambiance. Dabice finds Hope Sandoval’s vocals “utterly enchanting, perfect for a night of romance.”

9. Portishead – Dummy: The trip-hop rhythms and sultry mood of Portishead’s “Dummy” are essential for setting a seductive atmosphere, according to Dabice. “It’s as if the record was made for moments of intimacy,” she remarks.

10. Jeff Buckley – Grace: Closing her list, Dabice selects Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” for its emotional depth and Buckley’s mesmerizing vocal range. “It’s a record that feels like a passionate embrace,” she says.

Marisa Dabice’s selection of essential makeout records showcases her wide-ranging musical tastes and deep understanding of how music can enhance the most intimate moments. Each album on her list offers a unique atmosphere, from the soul-stirring to the dreamily romantic, proving that the right music can be just as important as the moment itself.


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