Kojo Boama is Pioneering New Avenues in Entertainment

Kojo Boama is redefining the landscape of the entertainment industry through his innovative ventures and creative projects. With Da4thQuarter Pictures at the forefront of his endeavors, Boama is not just making movies; he’s pioneering new avenues in multimedia, capturing the attention of audiences and fellow creators alike. His journey from producing indie films and podcasts to launching groundbreaking platforms showcases his role as a visionary in modern entertainment.

A Documentary That Inspires

“Never Give Up,” Boama’s documentary, takes viewers on an inspiring journey behind the scenes of “Proceed with Caution.” This film is more than a making-of; it’s a testament to the perseverance required in the creative process. Boama’s narrative emphasizes the importance of pushing through challenges, a message that resonates deeply within the creative community.

“Proceed with Caution”: A Cinematic Achievement

Available on Amazon Prime and Tubi, “Proceed with Caution” is a thirty-five-minute short film that delves into the life of a New York City music producer at a career crossroads due to unexpected personal news. This drama is a compelling exploration of the complexities of success and personal responsibility, further establishing Boama’s prowess in storytelling.

Global Board: Revolutionizing Talent Discovery

Boama’s creation of Global Board, a classified ads platform for entertainers and models, exemplifies his innovative spirit. This platform is not merely a talent directory; it’s an integral part of Boama’s strategy to fund his film projects and assemble diverse production teams. Global Board is a testament to his commitment to inclusivity and creative problem-solving in film production.

Cultivating a Community Through Film Festivals

Expanding his impact, Boama is curating a film festival designed to be a haven for creators. This festival aims to celebrate visual storytelling, offering filmmakers a venue to showcase their work and connect with a community of like-minded artists. Through this initiative, Boama is contributing to the cultural enrichment of the entertainment world.

Vision for the Future

Boama’s ambitions don’t stop here. With plans to establish his own studio compound within the next five years, he is laying the groundwork for a future where his influence on the industry will be even more pronounced. This studio will not only embody his achievements but also serve as a hub for aspiring creators to bring their visions to life.


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