Rising Star KXNG D.O.P.E. is set to release yet ANOTHER heater; “Talk 2 Me” featuring Meeko Taylor.

Following the trailblazing success of his hit single “BIG DAWG,” KXNG D.O.P.E., the multifaceted LA-based artist known for his ventures into acting, modeling, and dancing, is gearing up to captivate the music scene once again. His upcoming single, “Talk 2 Me,” set for release on February 16th, is stirring anticipation and excitement within the industry circles. Featuring the talents of Meeko Taylor, another rising star from Los Angeles, the track promises to be a standout addition to KXNG D.O.P.E.’s growing repertoire.

“Talk 2 Me” brings a fresh and dynamic sound to the forefront, encapsulated in a “battle of the sexes” theme that sees KXNG D.O.P.E. and Meeko Taylor engaging in a lyrical exchange full of witty wordplay and infectious energy. This collaborative effort showcases the chemistry between the two artists, as they seamlessly match each other’s vibrance, making the single a must-listen for fans of innovative and spirited music.

Amidst the buzz of his new release, KXNG D.O.P.E. is not slowing down. He’s also deep in the process of crafting a major music project with Death Row Records and Extreme, with an expected release in Spring 2024. Additionally, his creative pursuits extend to the film industry, where he is currently involved in the production of a new movie titled “Triumph” with Starz Music Group, further demonstrating his versatility and commitment to his crafts.

The anticipation for “Talk 2 Me” is palpable, with expectations high following the airplay success of “BIG DAWG” on Power 106 FM. Fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly waiting to see if this new track will surpass the achievements of its predecessor, solidifying KXNG D.O.P.E.’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

As KXNG D.O.P.E. continues to navigate his burgeoning career with a blend of talent, passion, and hard work, his trajectory seems poised for even greater heights. With “Talk 2 Me” and his upcoming projects, he’s not just releasing music; he’s making bold statements and forging a path that’s uniquely his own.

For those looking to stay updated on KXNG D.O.P.E. and Meeko Taylor’s journey and the latest on their projects, Instagram serves as a direct link to their world. You can follow them at @iAmOfficiallyDOPE and @Meeko_Taylor, where they share updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and more about their artistic endeavors.


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