“We caught up with Manny Megz, his hiatus, new music and a new identity”

After a year-long silence that left fans and industry insiders speculating, we finally caught up with the enigmatic producer Manny Megz to shed light on his hiatus, upcoming music, and the evolution of his artistic identity. The producer, known for his distinctive grimy sound and collaborations with the likes of Hus Kingpin, Griselda, and Ghostface, opened up about the reasons behind his temporary retreat from the music scene and his aspirations for the new year.

Manny Megz’s hiatus was not without its reasons. He explained, “A lot of it has to do with industry BS, a distribution contract I was in, and my life changing so much at the time.” Despite these challenges, Manny’s passion for music remains undiminished. He expressed an eagerness to return to the studio with fresh material, hinting at an evolution in his sound that promises to bridge the gap between his personal identity and his musical output.

“A lot of the work I have done has been that grimy sound. A lot of people connect me to it because of the work I have done with Hus Kingpin, Griselda, Ghostface, all of them. I think I got very caught up in the identity of it because I was so good at making it, but it failed to find an identity between me as a person and the music,” Manny shared. He views the new year as an opportunity for significant rebranding, focusing on creating music that more closely aligns with his personal journey and emotions.

Looking ahead to 2024, Manny Megz promises a year of transformation. Fans can anticipate a more active presence on social media, a departure from his previously recognized sound, and an emphasis on live-based content and visuals. “This year, you can expect more social media activity, a very different sound, and more live-based content. This year I want to focus on visuals and a signature sound,” he stated, highlighting his commitment to redefining his musical identity.

Manny Megz’s return to the music scene is not just about releasing new tracks; it’s about reintroducing himself to the world with a renewed sense of purpose and creativity. His focus on visuals and a signature sound is poised to offer fans a more immersive and authentic experience of his artistry.

As Manny Megz embarks on this new chapter in his career, he extends his gratitude to those who have supported him through his journey. “Thank you guys for reaching out again; it’s always a pleasure,” he remarked, indicating his appreciation for the continued interest in his work.

Fans and newcomers alike are encouraged to follow Manny Megz on all social media platforms at @MannyMegz to stay updated on his latest projects and the unveiling of his new identity. With his talent and determination, Manny Megz is set to make 2024 a landmark year in his career, promising a fusion of authenticity and innovation that will captivate audiences once again.


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