8 Things We Learned From Mo’Nique On ‘Club Shay Shay’

Mo’Nique, the Oscar-winning actress and comedian, recently appeared on “Club Shay Shay,” the popular podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe. The episode was a treasure trove of insights, revelations, and heartfelt moments, providing fans and viewers with a deeper understanding of Mo’Nique’s journey, beliefs, and the wisdom she’s garnered over the years. Here are eight key takeaways from Mo’Nique’s illuminating conversation.

1. The Importance of Staying True to Oneself

Mo’Nique emphasized the significance of authenticity, sharing how remaining true to herself in both her personal life and career has been foundational to her success. Despite industry pressures, she’s prioritized her values and integrity above all else.

2. Overcoming Challenges with Grace

Throughout her career, Mo’Nique has faced numerous challenges, from typecasting in Hollywood to navigating public disputes. She discussed how facing these obstacles with grace and resilience has not only shaped her as an artist but as a person.

3. The Power of Forgiveness

A surprising yet profound moment was Mo’Nique’s discussion on forgiveness. She opened up about personal journeys of forgiveness, emphasizing its liberating power and how it has allowed her to move forward positively.

4. Advocating for Equality in Hollywood

Mo’Nique has been a vocal advocate for equal pay and treatment in Hollywood. She shared insights into her advocacy efforts, highlighting the importance of fighting for what’s fair and just in the entertainment industry.

5. The Role of Family and Support

Family plays a central role in Mo’Nique’s life. She talked about the unwavering support of her husband and children, crediting them as her rock and foundation through all of life’s ups and downs.

6. Embracing Body Positivity

Mo’Nique has been an inspiration for many regarding body positivity and self-love. She spoke candidly about her fitness journey, not for aesthetic reasons but for health and longevity, encouraging others to love themselves at every stage.

7. The Impact of “Precious” on Her Career

Reflecting on her Oscar-winning role in “Precious,” Mo’Nique discussed the profound impact the film had on her career and personal growth. She shared behind-the-scenes moments and how the role challenged and changed her.

8. Future Projects and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Mo’Nique gave fans a glimpse into her future projects, including upcoming film roles and her continued work in stand-up comedy. She expressed a desire to keep challenging herself and breaking new ground.


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