DIVINE and Karan Aujla Are Taking Indian Hip-Hop Global with “100 Million” Video

DIVINE and Karan Aujla, two luminaries of the Indian hip-hop scene, are catapulting the genre onto the global stage with their latest collaboration, “100 Million.” This track is not just a musical release; it’s a milestone in the journey of Indian hip-hop, showcasing the genre’s explosive growth and the international aspirations of its leading artists. As hip-hop continues to evolve globally, absorbing local influences while retaining its core essence, DIVINE and Karan Aujla stand at the forefront of this transformation, heralding a new era for Indian music.

A Global Ambition Realized

With a staggering 10 billion combined streams and an extensive list of collaborations spanning various genres, DIVINE and Karan Aujla are no strangers to success. Their latest venture, “100 Million,” marks the beginning of an ambitious project under the Mass Appeal India label, promising to be a seminal work in their impressive discographies. This collaboration is a testament to their global aspirations, merging the gritty, authentic sounds of Indian streets with the universal language of hip-hop.

A Fusion of Styles

“100 Million” is a celebration of diversity and unity, blending DIVINE’s hard-hitting Hindi rhymes with Karan Aujla’s melodious Punjabi verses. The track stands out for its seamless integration of distinct linguistic and musical traditions, set against a backdrop of nostalgic hip-hop beats reminiscent of the Y2K era, masterfully produced by American producer Trox. This blend of styles creates a unique sound that is both locally grounded and globally appealing.

The Power of Collaboration

The collaboration between DIVINE and Karan Aujla is more than just a musical partnership; it’s a powerful statement on the unity and potential of the Indian hip-hop scene. Their joint effort in “100 Million” showcases their complementary talents, proving that collaboration can elevate the genre to new heights. This sense of unity is further emphasized in the song’s video, filmed in Dubai and directed by Karan Aujla’s longtime collaborators Rupan Bal, Dilpreetvfx, and Anmol Raina, which has already captivated audiences worldwide.

Chart-Topping Success

The release of “100 Million” was met with immediate acclaim, soaring to the top of the YouTube Trending Charts in India and achieving remarkable success internationally. With over 17 million views on YouTube and 3 million streams on Spotify within its first two weeks, the track’s widespread popularity underscores the global resonance of Indian hip-hop. This success is a clear indicator of the growing influence of artists like DIVINE and Karan Aujla beyond their home country.

Looking Ahead

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of the full album, “100 Million” serves as a promising preview of what’s to come. With DIVINE and Karan Aujla at the helm, the project is poised to be one of the most significant releases of the year, further solidifying their status as pioneers of Indian hip-hop on the global stage.


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