Brooklyn’s own Lola Brooke has unleashed the official music video for “God Bless All The Rappers,” a track that is as much a heartfelt ode to her fellow artists as it is a powerful statement on the trials and tribulations faced by those in the rap game. Directed by BenMarc, the video premiered on BET Jams and illuminated the Paramount Times Square billboards, now available for audiences worldwide to experience.

A Heartfelt Tribute to the Rap Community

“God Bless All The Rappers” stands out as a poignant commentary on the challenges encountered by rappers, from the scrutiny and judgment of the public to the inherent dangers of the lifestyle. Through her lyrics, Lola Brooke extends a hand of solidarity and understanding to her peers, acknowledging the shared journey and the need for empathy and support within the community.

Sampling Millie Jackson’s Soulful Classic

The track samples Millie Jackson’s “A Child of God (It’s Hard to Believe),” blending soulful undertones with Lola’s gritty, compelling flow. This musical choice not only enriches the song’s sound but also deepens its message, bridging generations and genres in a celebration of resilience and artistic expression.

Visual Storytelling That Packs a Punch

The BenMarc-directed video is a cinematic achievement that visually encapsulates the song’s essence. It portrays the struggles and victories of being a rapper with authenticity and grace, showcasing Lola Brooke’s determination to shine a light on the less-discussed aspects of the rap lifestyle. Through striking imagery and compelling narrative, the video amplifies the song’s call to appreciate and protect the lives of rappers everywhere.

From “Dennis Daughter” to Global Recognition

“God Bless All The Rappers” was first introduced as part of Lola Brooke’s debut project, “Dennis Daughter,” released in late 2023. The project and its standout tracks have catapulted Lola to global acclaim, solidifying her status as a rap star with a message and a mission. This latest video further cements her place in the industry as a voice of reason, compassion, and undeniable talent.

A Call to Action for Respect and Recognition

Through “God Bless All The Rappers,” Lola Brooke does more than pay homage to her fellow artists; she calls for a reevaluation of how society views and values the lives of rappers. In a world quick to celebrate the music but slow to acknowledge the person behind it, Lola’s message is a reminder of the humanity, vulnerability, and strength of those who bear their souls through their art.


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